Google has turned off it’s ability for people to create personalized pages, called iGoogle.  It was retired on November 1, 2013. When the old is entered in a browser, all you get is the Google main page. It was convenient to configure one page that I was given freely. […]

Can’t get personal with Google anymore.

I was listening to the hearings about the Obamacare website failures today.  Before we get started on if the law is a good one, let me tell you that this is not about that. I’m not going there. My feeling is that there is no room for politics in computers. […]

Obamacare and a website

Before we answer the question of why SEO matters, let me define it. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a series of techniques for building websites so they can be indexed by Internet search engines. This indexing allows you to find these sites through Google, Yahoo, and others. These techniques […]

Why does SEO matter.

We create, and change computer files everyday. These files are important to each of us. Protect these files by making copies of them. I would even put the copies in a safe place away from the computer. Making backup copies of files is something that I learned before I started […]

Backups are a good idea