My definition of marketing is a collection of methods of getting your message out to the general public. Telling them who you are and what you represent.  Letting people know what goods and services you sell.  Why should you care about this?  Let me ask you a question.  Do you […]

One of the best ways to market yourself or your ...

I was looking around at some Internet Magazines.  Just trying to find something to come here and write about. Like you have never done that, right?  I came across this article that I didn’t really think about. Have to admit that I treat my cell phone like the old house […]

Blocking a phone number – PC Mag Way

The success or failure of any project comes right down to communication between all of the members of the team. I have seen many projects end badly because of a single person was not aware of some important fact. People just think that because you work on computers, that you […]

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