Life Lesson

I was looking around at some Internet Magazines.  Just trying to find something to come here and write about. Like you have never done that, right?  I came across this article that I didn’t really think about. Have to admit that I treat my cell phone like the old house […]

Blocking a phone number – PC Mag Way

When I started in data processing, some many years ago, friends would ask me what I did for a living. I never knew how to explain it. Then one day, I started thinking about what I did and all of the different jobs. After some time, I determined that computer […]

I’m just a different kind of doctor

I’ve been in data processing for a long time. In a lot a ways I’m old fashioned. Something that was instilled in me from day one is that when creating custom programs, or even changing them, you test and then you break it. What I mean is that you want […]

Test or Being Tested