Social Media

Out of all the questions that I get asked, there is one that comes up the most. What is the difference between Facebook and Twitter?  Sure Twitter only has 140 characters per message vs Facebook that lets you creates a larger message.  That’s not the only difference between the two. […]

Facebook and Twitter are the same, yet different at the ...

So many people tell me to only put things about what I do on Facebook or Twitter. I hate to tell them that they are short sited. They are trying to be helpful and are rather cute at times. I’m a big picture kind of guy and there is one […]

In marketing, social media is not the only thing.

I’ve seen posts that really show a negative spin on social media. That it was just a place to waste time and play games. Some even claim that these places harbor bad people doing bad things. I have to agree that social media has gotten a bad rap. Then come […]

Where Social Media Really Steps Up.

I saw a Twitter post that stated that this person wanted quality tweets. That got me wondering what was a quality tweet. The core of tweeting is that you have something to say. It can be funny, educational, or inspiring. Twitter is not just a place where you tell others […]

Quality Tweets

I like social media, Facebook and Twitter mostly. I use them for a couple of things. One is to meet people and catch up with old friends. I don’t know if you experienced this. When I first joined Facebook, I started getting all these invites from people I haven’t talked […]

Social Media? Sure I use it. Doesn’t everybody?