Yearly Archives: 2013

Can’t get personal with Google anymore.

Google has turned off it’s ability for people to create personalized pages, called iGoogle.  It was retired on November 1, 2013. When the old is entered in a browser, all you get is the Google main page. It was […]

Obamacare and a website

I was listening to the hearings about the Obamacare website failures today.  Before we get started on if the law is a good one, let me tell you that this is not about that. I’m not going there. My feeling […]

Why does SEO matter.

Before we answer the question of why SEO matters, let me define it. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a series of techniques for building websites so they can be indexed by Internet search engines. This indexing allows you to […]

In marketing, social media is not the only thing.

So many people tell me to only put things about what I do on Facebook or Twitter. I hate to tell them that they are short sited. They are trying to be helpful and are rather cute at times. I’m […]

Where Social Media Really Steps Up.

I’ve seen posts that really show a negative spin on social media. That it was just a place to waste time and play games. Some even claim that these places harbor bad people doing bad things. I have to agree […]

Backups are a good idea

We create, and change computer files everyday. These files are important to each of us. Protect these files by making copies of them. I would even put the copies in a safe place away from the computer. Making backup copies […]

I’m just a different kind of doctor

When I started in data processing, some many years ago, friends would ask me what I did for a living. I never knew how to explain it. Then one day, I started thinking about what I did and all of […]

Test or Being Tested

I’ve been in data processing for a long time. In a lot a ways I’m old fashioned. Something that was instilled in me from day one is that when creating custom programs, or even changing them, you test and then […]

We are going IPO, baby!

This one is for all programmers, and want-to-be computer programmers out there. On a daily basis, people experience what is best described as a result. The websites, music, and even the prepared meals are all examples of a result.  They […]