Social Media

In marketing, social media is not the only thing.

So many people tell me to only put things about what I do on Facebook or Twitter. I hate to tell them that they are short sited. They are trying to be helpful and are rather cute at times. I’m […]

Where Social Media Really Steps Up.

I’ve seen posts that really show a negative spin on social media. That it was just a place to waste time and play games. Some even claim that these places harbor bad people doing bad things. I have to agree […]

Quality Tweets

I saw a Twitter post that stated that this person wanted quality tweets. That got me wondering what was a quality tweet. The core of tweeting is that you have something to say. It can be funny, educational, or inspiring. […]

Social Media? Sure I use it. Doesn’t everybody?

I like social media, Facebook and Twitter mostly. I use them for a couple of things. One is to meet people and catch up with old friends. I don’t know if you experienced this. When I first joined Facebook, I […]