Horner Consulting & Publishing LLC

Computer Consulting

Horner Consulting and Publishing provides a wide range of Consulting, Implementation, Training, and Support services designed to help customers with their technology needs.

Consultants provide guidance that often leads to significant reductions in cost and improvements in profitability. Developing actionable intelligence provides leadership with up to date key metrics valuable to accelerated decision making. Determining how best to optimize business processes throughout the enterprise leads to best practices reflecting the uniqueness and competitive advantages of each customer.

Business Process Consultants and Business Analysts help customers define and deliver business information and process optimization solutions. Drawing on many years of experience, business process knowledge, qualitative and quantitative techniques, and transformational technology capabilities, Horner Consulting and Publishing’s computer consulting teams help customers improve performance through the:

  • Analysis of existing business processes.
  • Development of plans for process improvements.
  • Implementing solutions to achieve performance requirements utilizing Horner Consulting and Publishing workforce productivity improvement platforms.

Horner Consulting and Publishing solution teams provide value through their comprehensive input to the solution design and through strategically integrating solutions with customer processes and technology. A virtual extension of a customer’s organization, Horner Consulting and Publishing guides customers through an investigation of the possibilities and subsequent project deliverables.

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