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You deserve experienced computer personnel and website designers that can fulfill your technology needs, no matter the size of your organization. Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC owned by Ron Horner, uses his knowledge and skills to help your business navigate the information highway.

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Our Service Areas

Computer Consulting - Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC.
Computer Consulting

As Computer Consultants, we assist a company’s staff with computer system usage and issues. Computer consultants can be software programmers, hardware system installers, networking specialists, database specialists, and others.

Website Publishing - Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC.
Website Publishing

Web publishing is the process of publishing original content on the Internet. We work with you to create the most optimal website experience. From site domain names, site hosting, site design, and functionality, our websites represent you.

Search Engine Optimization - Horner Consulting & Publishing LLC
SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so its content can become more easily findable by search engines to rank them better. This is something we incorporate into all our websites. We can analyze and implement these techniques in your websites as well.

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See what our clients are saying about us…

Annie Haven, Owner, Authentic Haven Brand

Ron Horner from Horner Consulting & Publishing LLC is my go to man for all SEO and other issues that pertain to my websites. He is on top of his game. I have been a client for the past 12 plus years. Always available and easy to work with. I highly recommend his service.

Annie Haven

Chris Mahoney, President/Owner, Third Vision Background Searches & Consulting

Ron is one most patient, honest, and trustworthy people I know. Ron has vast knowledge and experience in the computer industry making websites and helping you with your SEO. Make sure you can Horner Consulting for all your computer needs. You will be happy you did.

Chris Mahoney, President/Owner

Shyanne Lamb, Owner, Black Lotus Bookkeeping

Ron is a very knowledgeable and friendly guy. Always willing to help and solve a problem. I briefly worked with Ron but was a great experience.

Shyanne Lamb

Latisha Thomas, MNA, I Am We

Ron Horner, you are amazing. Thank you for being such a gift in the work that you do. I love www.iamwecommunity.org website. Thank you for helping us inspire the community.

Latisha Thomas, MNA

Julie Mahan, Speaker and Writer

Being new to the blogging world comes with a lot of uncertainties and questions regarding website technical functions. Ron has always taken time to address those questions without showing prejudice towards my lack of knowledge and that’s worth millions to me!

Julie Mahan, Speaker and Writer

Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

What I loved most about working with Ron is his timeliness and knowledge in getting my project completed. He exceeded my expectations. Not only do I recommend him, I will be hiring him again.

Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

Rick Cesario, Owner – ZANSHIN Do Karate School

I work with Mr. Horner on a couple of projects. He makes everything run smooth for your company.

Rick Cesario