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We provide technical solutions to individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations. We have done so with great passion since 1987. These solutions can take the form of correcting an issue, creating something new, or offer some education. It depends completely on the situation.

When we complete a project, you walk away with a solution that improves the situation or makes your business better.

Do you have any technical issues where we could assist you? Take the first step and contact us today. From that phone call or email, we can start the discussion of how to help you.

Computer Consulting - Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC.

Computer Consulting

When you experience technical challenges that plague your organization, look to us for help. Our specialists can provide a wide range of custom solutions for your technology needs. 

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Website Publishing

Are you interested in establishing a web presence beyond social media? We create finely crafted websites that represent your organization.

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Website Publishing - Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC.
SEO - Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC.

SEO Services

So you have a website. You paid good money to have it built. For some reason, it’s not bringing in any customers. What could be the problem? The site looks good. It has some great images. It makes a good sales pitch. It’s as if you’re not on the Internet at all. We can help you be found on the World Wide Web.

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