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Thank you for coming. This is the digital home of Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC. We help individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations with their technology needs. We have done so with great passion since 1987. With our attention to detail, we create solutions that you can stand behind. From start to finish, our team keeps you in the loop with all work performed. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Where can we help?

We provide computer consulting, website publishing, and SEO services.

As computer consultants, we work with you on creating solutions that fit your data processing needs. We will work with you to identify systems issues and provide solutions to resolve them. We are here to provide computer assistance as required and to provide guidance where needed. Horner Consulting and Publishing has experience in hardware, software, networking, and application development.  Our goal is to provide you with timely, relevant, affordable solutions to keep your organization productive.

As website publishers, we help you create a finely crafted website that will represent your organization and convey the message you want your customers to see. Attract new customers and stay top of mind with lead-generating content. Horner Consulting and Publishing has experience with the latest in content management systems along with old school website programming.

We are mindful of how search engines see websites with our SEO services. With every site review, we look at each page, image, and even your domain name to ensure you are found on the most popular engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

If you have questions about your website, Horner Consulting and Publishing offers a FREE SEO evaluation. Have your website tested against our search engine bot. Sign up today. It’s FREE!

We are your source for custom technology solutions.

Talk to us today about making your Internet marketing and computer processing plans a reality.