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Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

What I loved most about working with Ron was his timeliness and knowledge of getting my project completed. He exceeded my expectations. Not only do I recommend him, but I will be hiring him again.

Traci Bogan

Julie Mahan, Speaker and Writer

Being new to the blogging world comes with a lot of uncertainties and questions regarding website technical functions. Ron has always taken the time to address those questions without showing prejudice toward my lack of knowledge, and that’s worth millions to me!

Julie Mahan

Shyanne Lamb, Owner, Black Lotus Bookkeeping

Ron is a very knowledgeable and friendly guy. Always willing to help and solve a problem. I briefly worked with Ron, but it was a great experience.

Shyanne Lamb

Rick Cesario, Owner, ZANSHIN Do Karate School

I work with Mr. Horner on a couple of projects. He makes everything run smoothly for your company.

Rick Cesario