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Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC is a computer consulting, website publishing, and SEO firm. We help individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations with their technology needs. We have done so with great passion since 1987. With our attention to detail, we create solutions that you can stand behind. From start to finish, our team keeps you in the loop with all work performed. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

About Ron Horner

I began writing computer programs in high school. This was back in the early 1980s. That is when my passion for technology kicked off. It also became apparent that I liked helping people. I would go around and help debug programs for other students. I was even called on to evaluate software for the teachers.  After high school, I went to a computer technical college. It was one of those that you saw commercials for on TV at 2:30 in the morning. While attending classes at night, I would work as a facility assistant during the day.

Once I graduated computer technical college in 1987, I started my data processing career. My career is best described as “right place, right time”. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences working for companies, big and small. I’ve written hundreds of applications and maintained many systems. I was eventually was introduced to the World Wide Web.   

I was self-taught in the ways of the Internet.  Sitting at a desk with all sorts of “how-to” books around me, building web pages and sites became second nature to me. Learning how web pages interacted with search engines gave me the edge on other web programmers. I would give them a hint once and awhile to get them moving.

The combination of a passion for technology and helping people was the genesis for starting Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC.

Did I mention, I’m a great listener?  Well, I am.

We are your source for custom technology solutions.


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