Backups are a good idea

We create and change computer files every day. These files are important to each of us. Protect these files by making copies of them. I would even put the copies in a safe place away from the computer.

Making backup copies of files is something that I learned before I started my computer career. Writing papers and working on programming assignments, I would always make copies of my work. There is a very practical reason for these backups.  It’s to make your files available if the originals become lost. Simple. You don’t even need special software or scripts to protect your files. Just plug a USB flash drive or some other storage media in an open port. Once your system mounts the drive, just copy and paste your files there.

With storage media being so cheap these days, there is no reason why you don’t make backup copies of your files. From USB flash drives to portable external hard drives, there are many options for making backups.

I recommend making backups of files that are most critical to you. If you have files that change often, copy them before making changes. This way if your changes don’t work, you can always restore the file before your changes. That’s an old programmers trick.


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