Blocking a phone number – PC Mag Way

I was looking around at some Internet Magazines.  Just trying to find something to come here and write about. Like you have never done that, right?  I came across this article that I didn’t really think about. Have to admit that I treat my cell phone like the old house phone. You remember the ones that had a rotary dial on them. With the new technology that these cell phones have, you can do all sorts of things. This would include block people from calling you.  This PC Magazine article can be found here: How to Block a Number on Any Phone | Video |

I also bring this up, because I had to buy a new cell phone this week. Brand is the same as my old one, but the type is newer. The learning curve will be a challenge. Pain medications and techniques could be employed to keep me together.  I’m grateful that I didn’t have to buy all new cables and accessories.  Did have to get a new case for it.  The phone is rather small and slippery without something to hold on to.  The sales person transferred my contacts successfully.  Admittedly, I was nervous about that.  After hearing horror stories about missing contacts, beads of sweat were forming on my forehead until I could confirm that they were all there.

The reason behind this purchase was because the battery just was not holding a charge.  It was a race to make and keep calls going before the phone would cry out “CHARGE ME!!!!”. It became necessary to put the old thing of just 2 years mind you, out of my misery. Good bye old friend. You served me well. Besides, new phone, new toys.

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