Crafting a Detailed Storyboard for Your Small Business Marketing Video

Crafting a Detailed Storyboard for Your Small Business Marketing Video
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Creating a marketing video for your small business can be an effective way to reach potential customers. A storyboard is the first step in planning and producing your video. Here are some useful tips for putting together a storyboard that will help you create an engaging video, shared in the following article by Horner Consulting and Publishing LLC.

List the Main Points You Want to Address

Before creating your storyboard, it’s important to determine who your target audience is, set goals for your project, and outline the key points you want to include in your video. This will help ensure that all of the visuals, dialog, and action come together to create a compelling narrative. By planning out what will be included in the video beforehand, you can make sure all of the elements match up when seen as a whole.

Break Down Your Story Into Its Key Points

Once you have outlined your main points, it’s time to start dividing them into sections based on those key points. During this process, keep it simple so you can visualize each shot and convey what needs to be done for each one. Additionally, you can also use a tool or professional software to help you create an effective storyboard quickly and easily.

Craft an Engaging Scene with Dialog, Action, and Visuals

For each section of your storyboard, make sure to include details such as dialogue, action, visuals, and any special effects or music cues. This will help you create clear ideas of how the scenes should look and sound when complete. Make sure to think about the tone and mood of each scene to give your storyboard its unique character.

Make Visuals for Each Segment Using Rough Sketches

Creating visuals for each section of your storyboard is an essential step in developing a video project. It’s important to use rough sketches or diagrams to establish what the final product could look like, before actually beginning production. This method will help ensure that you have all the necessary components and know what elements need to be included in your video.

Establish How Long Each Scene Should Last

When creating a storyboard for your small business marketing video, it’s essential to decide the duration of each scene. Doing this will help create an effortless transition from one scene to another, holding viewers’ interest until the very end. Furthermore, using an appropriate length for each scene helps keep the video concise, avoiding any unnecessary and potentially off-putting content.

Evaluate and Modify as Necessary

Before production on your video begins, make sure to review your storyboard carefully and make any necessary adjustments. It’s best to ensure that all scenes fit together nicely and there are no surprises when viewing the entire video. Taking the time to adjust your storyboard could save you a lot of time and energy during filming or editing.

Determine Your Production’s Budget

Before beginning production on your small business marketing video, it is essential to set a budget for yourself. This will allow you to understand exactly how much money you can spend on equipment rentals and actors/actresses’ fees. Having a budget allows you to stay within limits during filming and keep the project within successful results.

Aim to Use Royalty-Free Stock Video

Using royalty-free stock footage can be a great solution if you’re looking to save time and money during production. It eliminates the need for additional filming or editing work, while still providing high-quality visuals for your final product. Royalty-free stock footage can help keep production costs within budget, so consider it as an option when producing your next project.


Creating a storyboard is an essential part of making any type of marketing video, especially those made by small businesses. Outlining key points and dividing them into sections ensures efficient storytelling, while also considering royalty-free stock footage can help keep costs low. Following these steps will help anyone interested in creating their own small business marketing videos make effective and engaging stories without overspending.


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