Full Proof way to Keep Your Social Media Safe – FREE!

I have a full proof method to help maintain the security of your social media accounts. In fact, any website that you have to log into would benefit by this method.

People’s Facebook and Twitter accounts get hacked in to on a daily basis. There is nothing to alert you of the break in. In most cases, it will be your friends that tell you. After you realize that someone has gained access, you are left wondering what to do next. People fall pray to this all the time. Don’t be a victim and do something to prevent anyone from accessing your information illegally.

The solution to keeping your accounts safe is really simple. There is no special software to buy. Your computer does not need to be outfitted with any special equipment.

Computer scientists have worked tirelessly to figure out how to implement this method. Spending countless hours researching the best way to secure your accounts from others. Did I mention that this was free?

All joking aside, here is what you need to do. Please perform this technique on a regular schedule. Here it is. Change your password. That is it. Don’t wait until you find your account hacked to change it.

Review the password policy for the websites that you use. Choose a password that is best described as strong. Every website will have that defined in their policy. Once you have changed your password, find a safe place to keep it. There are free software packages that will help you keep your passwords safe. An example of this is a program called  KeePass. The idea is to keep your passwords safe and easy for you to access. Now that I’m thinking of it, I have some passwords to change.

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