In marketing, social media is not the only thing.

So many people tell me to only put things about what I do on Facebook or Twitter. I hate to tell them that they are short sited. They are trying to be helpful and are rather cute at times. I’m a big picture kind of guy and there is one right here. Here’s what I mean.

In marketing, they say that there are 2 markets. One is the warm market, that consists of people that are close to you, family, friends, and others that know you. The other type of market is a cold one.  As the name implies, a cold market is a group of people that don’t know you. Simple right? Let’s get in to how social media plays in this.

Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and others require that you signup for a membership. Not everyone in the world has an account on these sites. So that limits the pool of people that can be accessed. On top of which, they have to befriend or follow you. It’s makes that slice of the pie much smaller. Kinda sounds like a warm market to me really. To be clear, it’s only a percentage of your warm market that may have access. In addition, nowhere in this equation is the cold market accept if you choose to buy ads. But I’m working with a budget of free. In this case, paid ads are out.

Please don’t get me wrong. When marketing your website and business, you should use social media. Just understand that there are many more people out there.  To be honest, you may find members of your markets that don’t even have a computer.  What I am saying is look to the bigger picture. If you only market to social media, you’ll miss out on some great opportunities  Go and get them.


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