One of the best ways to market yourself or your business

My definition of marketing is a collection of methods of getting your message out to the general public. Telling them who you are and what you represent.  Letting people know what goods and services you sell.  Why should you care about this?  Let me ask you a question.  Do you fall into any of these categories?

  • Business owners looking to sell products or services.
  • You have a website but need traffic.
  • You’re a blog writer trying to get more exposure.
  • You want to convince others to your way of thinking.
  • Trying to get that job or promotion you always wanted.
  • You’re really into the television show Mad Men.

If any of these sound familiar, my friend you need to delve into the world of marketing.

As I said, there are many forms of marketing out there.  Truth be told, there are over 150 kinds of ways to market yourself or your business.  I want to focus on one, Email Marketing.

When I started Horner Consulting & Publishing (HCP), I needed a way to reach out to those that could help me and those that could use the services I provide.  In my research, sending emails was one of the best ways to communicate with them.  Email is immediate.  When I click SEND, you get that email within seconds.  Studies show that people check their email at least once a day.   It was like sending my resume to 100’s of people at the same time.  I have always made it a point to collect business cards of people that I’ve run across in my travels.  They became my first email list. I’ve learned that having an email list is extremely important.

If you’re ready to put that collection of email addresses you have to work, CLICK HERE.

Whether you have been in business for years, or just starting out, building that email list will become a vital part of your success.  Here are some reasons why.

  1. Emails are your way of reaching out to contacts regularly.
  2. Emails act as an extension of your website and social media.
  3. Emails allow you to give focus on something you can do or provide.
  4. There is no time lag with emails.
  5. Emails are a great method of following up after making a connection.

Are you ready to start building that email list yet?

Keep in mind making your email list is key to the marketing you need, and the results you want.

Let’s get to it.  Here is how to get started.

I suggest you sign up with an email service provider.  Don’t try sending mass emails through some private accounts.  There are many drawbacks to this.  Namely, email lists are hard to manage; they can also put a limit to the number of email addresses you can send to a single time.  Just don’t do it.  The hassle is unbearable.

Conversely, hiring an email service provider provides you with many positives that make them valuable. Collecting and managing your email lists is very easy.  Producing emails is very simple with the tools they have to make your readers say WOW!  These providers also allow you to track if your email is received, opened, and interacted with.

I recommend Constant Contact as the best email service provider.

Here is why:

  • They have a FREE 60-DAY TRIAL so you can try them out.
  • It’s EASY to use!
  • Managing email lists is simple, including batch loading them from other apps.
  • There are advanced tracking and reporting features, which will tell you what’s happening with the emails you send.

I love what Constant Contact has done for my business.

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