Tools of the Trade

Out of all the questions that I’m asked, there is one that always comes up.  “What editor do I use when writing web pages?” I use Notepad++ to edit my web pages. You can download a copy for free at  I’ve used other editors in the past. My issue is that when you use some WYSIWYG editors, they insert code for everything you do. Need to figure out a new font?  The editor will insert code for every font change you make. If you have a hard time with the fonts, you can drive any browser crazy trying to produce your page.  I’m not saying that they are bad.  You just have to make sure that you review your code before you publish the page.  Make sure that everything in your code reflects what you want that page to do.  Remove the instructions that were put there because you were trying to figure something out. Keep the code clean, and you’ll make a better website.

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