Upgrades – The Good, the bad, and the ugly.

There is a lot of chatter in social media about the latest Windows version. It got me thinking about what to consider when updating your computer. I’m not just talking about operating systems. There are many ways you can update your computer. The key is making your computer system work the way you want it to.

So you find that accessory that you can not live without. Wait a minute. Will that really cool thing work with your computer. When updating, there are some things that I look for. I want to make sure that everything works once the update is complete.

First thing that you really need to do is find out what you have. Without this information, you can actually damage you computer by installing something that does not meet with your systems specifications. Answer these questions, you will be good to go on the upgrade hunt.

1.  What kind of processor does your computer have?

2.  How much, and what kind of, memory is in the system?

3.  How much free disk space does the computer have?

There are tools available on the Internet that can help answer these questions.

The next thing to look for when I’m evaluating something to add to my system is the section that talks about system requirements. Very important section. This tells you what is needed to ensure that this new and really cool thing will work with your system. Take the information about your existing computer and compare it to the system requirements section. You never want to install something that needs more resources than what is in your system. That is a sure path to disaster.

Once you have done your comparison and it looks as though your system can handle the installation, go forth and install away.

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