We are going IPO, baby!

This one is for all programmers, and want-to-be computer programmers out there.

On a daily basis, people experience what is best described as a result. The websites, music, and even the prepared meals are all examples of a result.  They are collections of data input to be synthesized, filtered, and formatted in a way that is palatable for you to consume.  The output of processes that may take from seconds, to years to complete.  In my world, the cycle that produces what you are reading right now is called IPO.

IPO is a computer programming term that stands for Input, Process, Output.  In reality, it’s not just about computers. It is about the act of creation.  Think about your favorite meal and how it’s made, the ingredients that are used (input), the way they are prepared (process), and how the meal is plated (output). Just thinking about that is making me hungry.


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