Welcome to the Blogging World

Welcome to the Blogging World

As part of the new year, Horner Consulting & Publishing is introducing our new HCP journal. This will give us the ability to let you in on what is going on at the shop. At the same time, you can provide us with whatever comments you like. Since this is our first entry, I want to tell you a little about me and HCP.

I have worked in the computer field since 1987. With most careers, you hope that you change jobs as you grow. Unfortunately, there was a time when I was laid off from a job. I admit that this was the first time. It was around Christmas time, so open jobs were hard to find. It was then that I created HCP. My thought was that if I couldn’t find a job, I would make one.  I sat down and created the first version of https://www.hornerconsulting.com. Things just took off from there. I like the challenge of learning new things. Having a business is a learning experience.

The reason that I got into computers was to help people. Creating this consulting business allows me to do that. I hope that I have the opportunity to help you.

See you…

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