Where Social Media Really Steps Up.

I’ve seen posts that really show a negative spin on social media. That it was just a place to waste time and play games. Some even claim that these places harbor bad people doing bad things. I have to agree that social media has gotten a bad rap. Then come along moments when natural, or man-made disasters occur when social media truly steps up.

An example of when social media becomes more than just a place to log on and hangout is when the earth unleashes it’s fury through bad weather. People take to Facebook, uploading pictures and videos of the damage to homes and neighborhoods. Others use the Internet to let family members know they are safe. News reporters getting local information about the hardest hit areas from Twitter and Facebook.

Other examples are of a more tragic nature. At first the traffic over Facebook was about the resent running of the Boston Marathon talking about what a great day it was. After a while, the postings reveal the tragedy as it unfolds at real time. More pictures, videos, and first hand accounts find there way to the Internet. Showing everyone the carnage and terror of the event. Once again, the source of many of the news reports come from the Internet.

So is social media really the bad guy that people talk about. Like with most things, it has it’s moments. You have to keep in open mind here. It is a tool for communicating and bringing people together. How this tool is used is totally up to you.


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